PTCL Internet Speed Test | Check Ptcl, Evo, Broadband Speed

PTCL Speed Test Provides real-time and accurate Speed Test of the Internet. You Can Check Downloading and Uploading speed of your Internet Service Provider like PTCL, EVO, Charjee devices. If you are facing this issue use our Test speed. Pk which provides you the reliable and accurate speed of DSL Connection.


PTCL Speed Test is important when you think that your PTCL Broadband Connection goes down or week. It’s very common in Pakistan due to Telephone line problems which we are facing from the beginning. There are many other reasons which are mention below

  • Line Issue
  • DSL Modem Problem
  • Server Issue
  • Update Windows

The main problem of your week internet connection maybe there is cut in your PTCL Line which is connected from exchange to your house or in office because the distance between exchange and your home or office is too long and there might be cut or any other fault in the line.

DSL Modem could be the second problem to slow down your Internet connection, some times modem we receive from PTCL Exchange are faulty and cause the weak internet connection or frequent disconnection this is my personal experience my home use PTCL Modem disconnect frequently after some time so after few time i changed that and the problem got solved.

Some times PTCL Link down due to some issue like their server down due to maintenance or because of other reason might happen like sometimes Fiber optic line cut down in the sea and which affect the whole world and it happens many time as you have seen in the News.

Another reason which I personally face some times Windows starts update automatically and slow down the speed of PC or Mobile and we think that speed is down, So before complaint to PTCL, we have to check these issues and then register a complaint to PTCL. By using TestSpeed.Pk, you can easily check how much Mbs you are receiving and how much are sending it will clear all the thing.